What I want in this life and what I want for You

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I want to help people finding the way leading their legal troubles involving all their humanity. Because a legal matter is always connected to the human perception of a problem Law is requested to solve. Law shall not be separated from the attitude, the personal circumstances, the personal feelings and background someone carries when an attorney  is called.

For this reason I deeply put together studies, knowledge, constant learning and professional abilities with mindfulness and holistic appeal.

For that, a “client” of mine is never only a “client”, but it’s my “mindfully supporter” soul I’ve been asked to assist.

Last but not least, I do not like to use the term “problem”: I prefere the phrase: “for the case x, we’re going to find the best solution”. I don’t go for a war even if the situation is difficult, I make steps for concrete, clever and adapted results my client has to understand internally, with mind and heart. A positive attitude does not mean to garantee a victory, but to create a dramatic frame people in need shall know for what they have to face and why they shall remain still and aware of all possibilities to be applied for the specific circumstance.

A Lawyer is a “loyal” being.

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“Man proposes and dispose. He and he alone can determine whether he is completely master of himself, that is, whether he maintains the body of his desires, daily more formidable, in a state of anarchy.” 
― André Breton, Manifestoes of Surrealism