Don’t Feed the bad wolf

Hi folks!

I really have appreciated this amazing piece of “mindful” connection to the reality of our intimacy. Be careful ever: we always have two wolves inside. Every day stay connected with Your inner spirit and listen: in thunderstorms, in legal or personal troubles, in danger, in pain and suffering…don’t forget You have the good wolf talking to You. Mind Your attention to this buddy and keep calm the other one, the dark twin.

How? By feeding the positive mate inside You, Your friend, Your kissing totem.

Enjoy the reading for discovering these pearls of wisdom, by top author :

Which Wolf Are You Feeding?

I usually have this point right in front of my third eye in my job: legal matters may be full of negative thoughts and disappointments, but I’m sure if a lawyer shall maintain the kind balance facing her/ his customer’s needs, she/he can surely be an helper, a coach, a peace maker. This is how I live my professional soul…with this true and strong connection to my good wolf. It’s not easy, but it’s possible. It’s the way.

Thank You for staying with me,