Don’t Feed the bad wolf

Hi folks!

I really have appreciated this amazing piece of “mindful” connection to the reality of our intimacy. Be careful ever: we always have two wolves inside. Every day stay connected with Your inner spirit and listen: in thunderstorms, in legal or personal troubles, in danger, in pain and suffering…don’t forget You have the good wolf talking to You. Mind Your attention to this buddy and keep calm the other one, the dark twin.

How? By feeding the positive mate inside You, Your friend, Your kissing totem.

Enjoy the reading for discovering these pearls of wisdom, by top author :

Which Wolf Are You Feeding?

I usually have this point right in front of my third eye in my job: legal matters may be full of negative thoughts and disappointments, but I’m sure if a lawyer shall maintain the kind balance facing her/ his customer’s needs, she/he can surely be an helper, a coach, a peace maker. This is how I live my professional soul…with this true and strong connection to my good wolf. It’s not easy, but it’s possible. It’s the way.

Thank You for staying with me,





Practicing Kriya Yoga is another step for life and people comprehension

Practicing Kriya Yoga is for me a deep involvement in life purpose.

It helps me to be more finetuned with my clients, to step into their troubles and to assist them in finding the best solution, the right key always considering their human connection to their matters. Each counsel has its story.

I have Law in one hand and Lotus in the other one.

I clean and restore myself everyday to be present and connected to the challenges my life and my work offer to me. The more I am calm, open and secure within me, the more I can be supportive, I can lead the way to help people looking for my aid. Concentration and focus are the keys to living my job in a mindful way, feeling me as a Lawyer in a team with my client.

I face people troubles every day but since I’ve started to considering them a deep opportunity of growing up in spirit and consciousness, I can help myself to find the best way to overcome them and with people I follow in legal affairs.

Lawyer shall be a confident “by Your side” helper, a strong counselor in both professional and in human values. The goal shall be to find the right solution for the entire life of my client, and not only an exercise to measure my Law degree. The difference states in mindfulness and in attitude: we’re made of energy. And positive, assertive, cleaned, reinvigorated energy is the essential way home to be restored. In every aspects and matters of our lives.

Supporting in Legal affairs is the balance of a life time. It’s not the partial win or loss of a due case. I always want my clients understand what I’m doing for them and what they’re doing for themselves.

A common perimeter may be challenged in such different ways, indeed! Laws and codes and regulations and civil rights are fundamental to establish the markers of each proposed case. We cannot overcome or disguise them. Not at all. But a Lawyer does not apply legalized clauses only. A Lawyer take the clause and the real fact together. Mindfulness is the link to connect personal case to the applying law.

For this reason it’s easy to me to adhere, like in all the other aspects of my life, to the holistic sense of the humankind. And to have this so kind profound impact with my job thanks to an assertive, authentic, emotionally clever, respectful character I train myself to each day.

With gratitude and patience, I’m learning by fully practicing Yoga and meditation to be an helper, a peace-maker, and much much stronger especially for all people in need coming by my side. Starting by my personal balance, my rising vibrations.