About Nicoletta

I come from Rome, the magnificent Roman city, capital of Italy, and like my ancestors I’ve always believed in personal growth and expansion, in no world boundaries.

I’m a Lawyer at Bar Association in Rome (Avv. Nicoletta Ceci), integrating mindfulness in law affairs and legal services, especially concerning Family law and Social Security. I always say: I have a lotus in one hand and the Civil Code in the other.

My second skin is made of sky: indeed, I am a former executive and Iata Representative at Alitalia Lai and Alitalia Cai national airline and counting 23 years of experience in Air Transport and Aviation Law (for my detailed CV please check it at my LinkedIn page: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nicoletta-ceci-a9043111/)

My third skin is powered by mindfulness in chakras and connected to spirituality and to holistic approach in life: I practice Vinyasa Yoga and Qi gong every day, I love meditation, Mantra rituals and Vedic chants to find my balance, my inner connection to the real meaning of my existence and purpose. I strongly believe in human kind and in the power of intention, of compassion, of mediation, of gratitude.

I merge all my foundation, each cell of my multiples skins, my grit and grace, in my job as a lawyer, as well.

For that I define myself as a Holistic, Mindful Lawyer. I don’t just look at the legal service, at the issue, at the problem I face with my client with professional attitude and intellectual capacity, but I do want to know and to assist my client as a person, as a whole.

I consider my legal services as a process of transformation, not only a commitment of problem-solving. I put my whole self to the work with my client, doing my best to let this process growing in intimacy, in healing and freedom.

I think legal profession has changed and continues to grow as an opportunity to heal others through competent representation. It’s true, like a modern definition state: “The lawyer is a healer and has immense responsibility to help her client to change and be free”.

Finding peace in the midst of legal problems, encouraging a system of resolution of conflicts where “right versus wrong”, or “true versus false” is reductive, and shall be integrated with the main “Me versus You”. That’s why I insert legal coaching to advocate my clients when they need help and want their voice to be heard.

I sustain a wider, less egoic framework where clients arrive at far more creative and sustainable solutions to conflict, where they stay in the present moment and detached, where they can feel they’re understood and highly supported, where cultivating empathy and compassion for divergent views, they can find above a competent intellectual representation, a professional diligence and consistency, a way to thrive again.

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